Les choses n'arrivent jamais par hasard ...
Some things never happen by chance ...

2000 jan 16 was registered
the webdomain brigittevonboch.com

2000 jan 25, nine days later, followed the

Brigitte von Boch

Brigitte is a French expatriate that loves her country,
to the point she always spoke her language with children around her
even though some had difficulties to understand.
thus giving them the chance to pick up some Francais.

When a woman is very glamorous
and she knows to be cool with little children
it can happen that one day this results
in a surprise:
the registration of her name
as a dot com internet domain ...

This is what happened 2000 January 16 in Paris
at a place called Cremerie de Paris
at the time the first internet cafe in France.

What is kind of unusual is that the registration of Brigitte's dot com
did not really turn into a personal website
but into an invention ...

Maybe the energy linked to the webcafe
where the brigittevonboch.com
domain was registered
also contributed ...
A long long time ago, 1671 to 1738
tthe Hotel de Villeroy, home of the webcafe
was the seat of the Royal French Postal Services.
Looking through the windows you can still see the water fountains
for the Postal horses carrying letters send from Paris
during the times of King Louis XIV.

Lets go back to Brigitte
At the turn of the century the cafe was a used by Americans travelling through Paris.
They happened to come by as Hotels were not yet connected.
About 95% of the webcafe visitors were Americans.
Times were a little tough as there were not enough clients
and paying the electricity bill was quite a struggle when it came

Brigitte von Boch
Having registered Brigitte's name as a dot com
a project needed to be found ...
As Brigitte collected Canary Birds,
a website about Canaries was a first option.

Brigitte also loves flowers
she grows them herself and she know things about them
nobody else knows.

Brigitte is surrounded by legends and fairytales.

One of the legends says that the Italian car designer Enzo Ferrari
whom she met when she was a very young woman
was so fascinated by her
he disgned a special car,
the Ferrari S1 Scaglietti Spyder
It is probably the only car that was produced only once ...

Other legends say that her great grandfather
was implicated in the construction of the Statue of Liberty
and later the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

The visitors of the webcafe loved the stories
and encouraged us to work on the Brigitte von Boch.com project ...
Always the same comment
"your aunt sounds so glamorous, you need to make a cool website"

The next week we met someone
we had already met several times the years before.
He lived in Los Angeles and enjoyed coming to Paris every year.
Only we had not realised who he was
this might be the reason why he contacted us every time he came ....

Brigitte von Boch
Our friend had a global view.
Back His influence resulted in the final project,
no canaries, no flowers
but something more global

Nine days later brigittevonboch.com
resulted in anotther domain
Phone Book of the World.com

Getting a new dot com domain is a question of a couple or dollars
nothing more

the beginning of a new adventure
that continues it's path ...


Phone Book of the World.com